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Moissanite White Blue Pink Sapphire Ruby Emerald Cushion Halo Stud Earrings 1ct ea 2ct 6mm Custom Wedding Anniversary Gift

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Moissanite White Blue Pink Sapphire Ruby Emerald Cushion Halo Stud Earrings 1ct ea 2ct 6mm Custom Wedding Anniversary Gift. Looking for something in particular/custom? Please ask for details & pricing.

~Earring Details~
Metals Available-Solid 10k, 14k, 18k & Platinum (PLT950)
Gold Color Choices-White, Yellow or Rose

~Center Gem Options~
Weight-1-1.2ct ea=2-2.4cttw (approx, depending on gem chosen)

Type-Custom Moissanite (Not C&C)

Type-Alexandrite, Emeralds, Sapphires or Rubies (Lab grown, same properties as natural)
Color-Color Change, Green, White, Blue, Pink, Peach, Red



Rainbow Moonstone (feldspar/white labradorite) is not a perfectly clear/transparent gem. It grows in layers of different minerals overlapping. These imperfections are what cause different colors to glow/flash from within when moved around in the light aka adularescence. Every gem is unique.

~Accent Gem Options (Choice in Drop-down menu)~
Weight-.20ct (approx)

Type-Diamond (Natural & Conflict-Free)
Type-Custom Moissanite
Type-Sapphire (Lab grown, same properties as natural)
Color-White, Blue, Pink, Rubies or Light Blue or Black Spinel Choice

About Lab Grown gems-They are identical to their naturally grown counterparts (same hardness, refractive index, etc). The exception being, grown in a lab, rather than the earth. The clarity & color are also able to be controlled producing gorgeous near flawless gems that you would normally pay $1,000s for. They are genuine Chrysoberyl (Same as Alexandrite in Nature), Beryl (Same as Emeralds in Nature) or Corundum (same as Sapphires & Rubies in nature).

Includes-Gift box

All items are custom made just for you. Please note, all sizes & weights are estimates & based on our model ring shown. Depending on your size, everything can vary slightly.

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~Custom orders~
Looking for something different? Want a different Center stone or side stones? What about a completely custom ring? Contact us with the details, so we can quote you a price. We can make rings & designs for all budgets.

~Layaway/Payment Plans~
Sure, we can create a custom payment plan for you. We have options for all budgets, please contact us with what you're interested in. Please note, a small fee will be added for our fees incurred from accepting smaller/multiple payments.

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